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We don't just sell food, we grow it too!

We've a smallholding as well

as a shop...

Our goals extend beyond attempting to sell food in a more 

sustainable way. We're also trying to demonstrate how to grow

food in a more planet healthy fashion.

This means that we're now supplying our own shop with a small, but growing, amount of fresh produce to supplement what we get from our other, fantastic, local suppliers. Slowly, we're getting closer to creating a system that produces and sells food, whilst educating people about the need for change.

We grow our produce  without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and we look to work holistically with nature to create a functioning ecosystem that works for all the inhabitants of our patch of land. Many of these practices are based on the principles of permaculture.


From tiny seeds, a forest!

Our next project is the planting of a small food forest. This will cover just under an acre of land and allow us to grow a range of crops including fruits and nuts. It's another way we can demonstrate that change is possible and that alternative ways of producing food are viable in our landscape.

Planting is due to begin at the end of January 2023 and it will be a multi-year project that will slowly build up the canopy layers required to mimic the actions of a naturally occurring forest. You can follow us on social media to stay updated and find out about opportunities to help our little forest grow!

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