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Connections are powerful...

That's why we'd like to make lots more of them!

Our Home Delivery service is helping people connect with better food by making it more accessible. We'd like to see more of that happening.

Over the coming months we're looking to build a network of collection and drop off points for our home delivery service to make great food even easier for people to get their hands on. We're looking for places we can drop off boxed up and ready to go home delivery orders that customers can then pick up at their own convenience. Using this model, we can expand the area we can cover without the time demands becoming impossible to manage. In this way, we'll become the 'hub' which drops off at a series of secondary points outside of our main home delivery area. 

We're looking for locations in the following areas:

Beddgelert, Croesor, Porthmadog, Tremadog, Llanfrothen, Trefor, Garndolbenmaen, Criccieth.

If you know of anywhere suitable, get in touch! 


But there's more than that. We're looking to connect small scale fruit and vegetable producers as well. On current timescales we think this is likely a development for 2024 once we've grown our web of collection and drop off points this year. We'll be looking at being a buyer of micro scale surpluses and then using our connections to find a market for it so that less locally produced food goes to waste. In this way we hope to encourage really small scale growers who might only have one small surpluses a year, to produce more in the belief they'll earn a little bit of money for their work and help to forge a better local food ecosystem.

We'll have more on these ideas over the coming months so make sure you keep up to date with out latest developments or get in touch if you're a food producer or potential drop off point located within the area shown on the map below!

produce area.png

This might seem like a big ambition, but there are places it's working already...

(links open in external sites)

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