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We've a lot ideas
to share. Some of
them we write down

What's the big idea?

We want to spread the ideas, beliefs and inspiration behind what we do. We

are more than simply a shop. We've come to realise there is an (almost)

joined up, coherent view of the changes we need to implement if we're to

create a future that is better for planet and people.

A lot of these ideas have come about via the interesting conversations we've

had with customers and suppliers since we opened the Sustainable Weigh in

2019. We hadn't anticipated how many fascinating, thought provoking

people would stroll through our door. We're very glad they all did.

Gradually those ideas began to coalesce into something bigger. And so, the

Foodifesto was born. 

The Foodifesto is the story of how we currently do food really badly, and how we need to change almost everything about our developed world food ecosystems if we're to create a better tomorrow. We need to produce, shop for, and consume food differently. That's why we grow food and talk about change in addition to running a shop that sells food differently. The whole picture needs a radical overhaul, not just one part of it. 

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