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Liquid Refills
Home Delivery

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As of January 2023 we now offer home delivery. 

We've teamed up with the Open Food Network in order to offer home delivery on all our packaged and unpackaged products, including liquid refills. The system works on weekly cycle which allows you to plan in advance and reduce food waste. 

Our online ordering system allows you to purchase household liquids such as washing up liquid and shampoo either as a first time purchase, or as a refill. For these products we operate a bottle swap scheme. So, the first time you order these products online you'll need to use the 'new bottle' option in one of the two sizes available. For subsequent purchases you'll be able to use the 'refill only' option. 

The 'new bottle' option is £1 more expensive. This is the deposit for the new bottle. If at any point you decide to shop shopping with us you can return the bottle to us and have your £1 returned to you. 

For all purchases using the refill option you'll need to leave your previously purchased empty bottle out for us to pick up when we drop the next one off. Think of it as like an old-fashioned milkman. We take the old bottle away and leave a full one behind. 

We understand this does involve the purchase of a new bottle when you may well have been used to bringing any existing bottle you had at home into the shop to fill previously. You can still do that. But for home delivery that just doesn't work. We can't carry large quantities of liquids around with us, filling every possible size of bottle as we go. The only way we can offer this service is via a standardised bottle size. Providing you keep using the new standard bottle for refills this will still save resources in the long run and is better than not offering the service at all. 


Remember, delivery is available within an approximate ten mile radius of our shop as shown on the map below. It includes Bangor but excludes Anglesey. 



















To place an order, or simply see what is available, click here to visit the Open Food Network ordering portal. 

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