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Want to know a little more about our sustainable family?

Read on to see how we need everyone's helping to bring sustainability to life...

We're a family run enterprise. And by family, we mean everyone in the household plays a part in bringing our sustainable vision to life.

This is Valko, one of our two small horses. How sustainable can a short Shetland be you ask? Very, actually. Valko, and his friend Sam, provide us with two important functions. They produce endless, copious amounts of manure which feeds everything we try and grow. But they do more than that. They act as our very own mini mob, grazing our paddocks in rotation, fertilizing and churning with their little hooves in a very (very!) small scale recreation of how herds act in the wild. Because of this important function, Valko is head of Land Management. 


As well as our productive horses and ducks, we've sheep who keep some of our fields neatly grazed, they're pretty much just walking lawnmowers who keep the grass down so that our nascent food forest can get established.

And what sort of farm would be complete without chickens? Most of ours are ageing now but they still provide us with eggs and a little bit of poo pecking which helps spread the horses muck about in the desired manner.


For us, sustainability really is a team effort. We need all of us, big and small, fluffy and feathered, playing their part to make the bigger whole function in a holistic, sustainable way!


Next up we have our ducks. These guys also have a duel purpose. They provide us with eggs for more than half the year, some of which we sell in the shop. On top of that, these loveable, clumsy, messy little scamps act as living pesticides. They eat slugs, snails and other pests in our kitchen garden. This, as every gardener knows, is an invaluable help in the battle to grow food organically without needing to resort to chemical pesticides. We couldn't do it without them!

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