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Coronavirus update
WIth the pandemic restrictions behind us we have returned to normal and customers are now fully able to serve themselves, although we're always here to lend a hand! Our opening hours are 9:30-5 Tues, Weds, Fri and Sat, and 9:30-7 on Thursdays. Please follow us on our social media channels for updates on opening hours and availability.
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The SustainaBlog

Have a look at our irregular series of blogs, titled A View From a Hill, on a range of sustainable, ethical and environmental issues

What is the Sustainable Weigh?

The Sustainable Weigh is a shop based in Caernarfon, North Wales. Our aim is to sell good food in a sustainable weigh. That's selling food differently to most supermarkets and big retailers.

What do you mean by 'differently'?

Right now nearly all of us are living and consuming in a way that is unsustainable. Humanity is using to many resources, too quickly. By shopping differently we can start to make the small changes that can add up to a big difference.

So you're one of those 'Plastic Free' shops?

No, we're not. We love plastic free and zero waste shops but that isn't quite what we've set out to be. Our aim is to offer options that help to tackle a range of issues which includes our reliance on single use plastic but covers other things to. Check out our Sustainable seven page to find out more on this. Ultimately we aim to grow and create a realistic full alternative to a traditional supermarket. That will mean mostly plastic free products but not exclusively if some products help with other parts of our aims.

What do you sell then?

We sell a range of packaging free, refillable, dry goods such as pasta, race, cereals, seeds,  nuts, dried fruit and beans. We also sell local products such as breads and cakes, alcohol and more. On top of all that we also sell non food items such as Shampoo Bars, Beeswax Wraps and whole host of other great things designed to help you live in a more sustainable way. Check out our downloadable shopping list on the click/collect page

Can I Bring my own containers along?

Yes, we love people who bring their own containers and bottles along to be refilled. Whilst we're happy to put things in paper bags for people, that is still consuming a resource, paper doesn't... oh, hang on, paper does grow on trees, but you know what we mean. Using a tub or bottle over and over again is far better than using new paper bags every time you shop with us.