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The Sustaina-Pod

Now Open - 13 Castle Square

Welcome to the Sustaina-Pod!

Here at the Sustainable Weigh we feel our mission is about more than just selling stuff, important as that is.

We also want to be part of a wider conversation on how we live in a more sustainable manner and how we understand the challenges our world faces over the next decades. 

As part of that wider conversation we're launching the Sustaina-Pod (and it's sister, the Sustaina-Blog). Our aim is to bring you news and information alongside stories from our customers who've made changes to the way they live. Hopefully it will be fun, informative and most importantly of all, grounded in the real changes our customers are making.

Our first Pod will hopefully be available in mid September and once we're open a new episode will appear every fortnight. If you've feel you've got a great, sustainable, story to tell, or maybe you work in a relevant field and have knowledge to share, then get in touch using our contact page and we'll look at having you as a guest of the pod at some point!

The SustainaPod

Check out our fortnightly podcast featuring guests, discussion, news and whatever else we can cram into half an hour in front of a microphone!

Coming Soon!

The SustainaBlog

Have a look at our irregular series of blogs on a range of sustainable, ethical and environmental issues

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