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The Sustaina-Blog

Open tus-sat - 13 Castle Square

Welcome to the Sustaina-Blog!

Here at the Sustainable Weigh we feel our mission is about more than just selling stuff, important as that is.

We also want to be part of a wider conversation on how we live in a more sustainable manner and how we understand the challenges our world faces over the next decades. 

As part of that wider conversation we're launched the Sustaina-Pod when we opened back in October 2019. Our aim was to use the blog to explore issues in depth and maybe challenge a few perceptions along the way. We hoped it will be informative and thought provoking in equal measure.

However, due to all sorts of circumstances, not the least the pandemic, the pod never really got going in the way it was intended so, in March 2021 we've relaunched it, changed it's emphasis slightly and hopefully it will now fulfil its original purpose a little better. 

We've titled it 'A View From a Hill' in a bid to tie together our lives as Sustainable Shop owners but also a smallholders. Hopefully it will now find it's slightly wider, slightly softer voice and really grow!

Click the button to view our first blog.

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The SustainaBlog

Have a look at our irregular series of blogs, titled A View From a Hill on a range of sustainable, ethical and environmental issues

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